RGB Screen Recorder

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RGB Screen Recorder is a free software to screenrecord animation or video to create RGB effect file for led matrix. Supports led matrix layout as well custom layout design. Export the rgb effects to drive neopixels, ws2812b, ws2801 and more with arduino, raspberrypi or any of your favourite controller...

rgb screen recorder

RGB Screen Recorder v1.1


Screen Record the pixels RGB color

Screen record or capture any playable media/video and retrieve pixels RGB value corresponding to led layout design. This 1.1 version supports maximum 1000pixels.

rgb screen recorder

Custom pixel layout editor

Create your desire custom pixel layout using the built in Pixel Layout Editor. Create matrix layout or custom layout design with easy editing tools

rgb screen recorder

Export the effects to various file format

Export the effect file to text or binary format. You have various option to select the rgb value string formating to customise the output file

rgb file format